Stroopwafels, a tasty treat!
2014-11-22-13.29Stroopwafels are caramel cookie waffles. It’s made of a delicious cookie with a cinnamon flavor, sliced in half and richly filled with chewy caramel. Its Holland’s number one cookie and widely appreciated nationally and internationally. It’s a tasty, warm treat that can be eaten in the summer and wintertime. Warning: once you tried one you will get hooked!

Stroopwafels were first made around 1810 in Gouda, also famous for its cheeses. They originally were made from old crumbs and spices and filled with syrup. It was a leftover product. Because they were very cheap to make they used to call them cookies for the poor. Nowadays stroopwafels are eaten by every Dutch citizen en has become the national cookie of the Netherlands!

Enjoying a stroopwafel at Stroopwafel Heaven
Stroopwafel Heaven prepares your stroopwafel right in front of your eyes. With dough made from our secret recipe we make a fresh stroopwafel for you in our stroopwafeliron en fill it with liquid, chewy caramel. Then it is up to you to enjoy your hot stroopwafel!
Taking some stroopwafels home? The traditional way to eat one is to put the stroopwafel on a hot beverage so that the rising steam warms the waffle and slightly softens the inside, making it all yummy melty on one side and crispy on the other.

Every month we have also have a stroopwafel special. Check our Facebook page for our latest special. You might even find some interesting combinations!

We have all kinds of stroopwafels for everyone!

  • Regular stroopwafels sold in a package of 10
  • Fresh XL stroopwafels, served warm!
  • Kamphuisen stroopwafels, the oldest recipe of stroopwafels, imported from Gouda!
  • Light stroopwafels with less sugar
  • Gluten and lactose free stroopwafels
  • Stroopwafelliquer
  • Stroopkoeken (syrup cookies)
  • Stroopwafel lollipops especially for the kids

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